The Cousin Jack Ultra

Keywood Preston Runners’ coach, Kevin Bonfield headed down to Cornwall to attempt the challenging Cousin Jack Ultra on 2nd March. A 35 mile run from St Ives to Cape Cornwall and back.

“I just love running on the coast, so this event looked perfect for me.” Kevin explained.

Preparation had been good right up until being taken out by flu 3 weeks before race day.

“I lost 2 whole weeks of running so wasn’t taking anything for granted on race day.” he explained.

Setting out at 5.30am from St Ives, Kevin’s only targets were to keep ahead of the cut off points and to enjoy every step.

“I’m pleased to say I hit both of those targets!”

Kevin’s enthusiasm was matched by the support he received from his wife (and fellow KPR runner) Nicky and their Border Terrier, Charlie.

“Seeing Nicky and Charlie at various time during the day was fantastic,” the trail loving Kevin said, “I was quote emotional when they appeared in places I wasn’t expecting.”

It was an emotional event, with the medal commemorating the 100 years which have passed since the mining disaster at Levant. The route went right through the site of the mine, on the cliff’s edge.

Kevin said that he felt privileged to be running on this section of coast and raised a water bottle to the 31 lost miners as he made his way along the tin coast.

After turning at half way for the 17.5 miles back along the route, Kevin said he needed to have a word with himself.

“With my quads already objecting, I knew I had to dig in and just keep moving forwards.”

Nicky and Charlie managed to see him 7 times during the 9h45m of this brutal but beautiful route.

“We had a few challenges getting to the coast path,” Nicky said, “at one point we abandoned the car, ended up going through someone’s garden and rolled under an electric fence!”

Keywood Preston Runners aim is to encourage and support runners with their fitness ambitions. We believe that enjoying the process is the key to success (whatever that might be).

Kevin admitted that this was the hardest, yet most beautiful, event he’d ever attempted but he was determined to smile all the way and enjoy every single step.

Check out Kevin’s full blog about his day HERE.

And for more information about The Cousin Jack Ultra have a look HERE.

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